Wk 15

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Artistic: Metal
Cold, hard steel. Shiny Aluminum. Or even rusted and broken down. Find your inspiration in metal this week.




With these I was interested in the improper uses we find for metal objects. Tools that serve multiple purposes out of, well lets be honest, sheer laziness. Each tool here was used inappropriately. 🙂

Wk 14

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Landscape: Zoomed in
Most landscapes are wide sweeping images. Try an alternative and zoom in instead.


Presenting, an alternative forest at a close proximity.

Wk 13

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Portrait: High Key
Expose to the right and create a light, airy high key portrait.



I chose to translate “airy” into “f-airly” drunk

I hate this high key washed out sh1t, but as an exercise, I tried my best to push the whites up as hard as I could (on the left hand side) without blowing it all to crap. Then also as I hate that white on white crap that one sees (Go on, google “High Key Portrait”) I had the image progress from “TO MUCH WHITE” on the left down to “getting back to normal” on the right. So a bit of a diagonal yet again in direction.

Again, usually the subject is dressed looking like they have just ascended from the heavens, in challenge of that here I sit in my favourite grey shirt. This also actually provided a nice transition from my white side to dark side.

The presence of the material on the shelf was again in rebuttal to that pure white on white crap that sees some subjects floating within the see of whiteness, aka *vommit*. Lets have some more context about the subject. Ain’t no ethereal beings here.

Lighting was from 2 diffusers, one little flash bang on full power pointing from left to right, whilst the second on 1/4 power filling back in the shadow, right to left.

Wk 12

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Artistic: Transportation
Our world is one defined by how we get around. Literal or interpretative, find inspiration in transportation.


Wk 11

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Landscape: Reflection
Find a way to show your landscape/natural beauty in reflection. The mirror world revealed.

So this started the chain of thought for the following


I thought I’d try to be simple and mirror one half of an image over the top of itself to make a normal object, just a little bit strange looking. It kinda worked, and I might go back and explore that again some time, but from here I ended up with the images below.

All created from a single frame mirrored and mirrored again to have it now as one of 4 in the frame.

I was surprised how well the built curved image worked compared to the others. The presence of the circular path does well to keep you buried within the frame. The others don’t have that sense of involvement, but I find still them pleasing to look at. I’ve always been a sucker for a pattern.






Wk 10

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Portrait: Environmental
Show a subject in their natural habitat. Their place of work or hobby is a great start. Tell their story with the environment


I’m cheating here by not engaging with others, I must pull my finger out and you know… approach humans.


I used two flashes here, one on the right of the frame just to add some shine to the damage and light the car a little as it was under the tree, the other from the left shining on the Haynes and Myself 😛

Oh, the subject I choose to present is a Dan. I trust I presented his complete lack of clue easily enough.

Wk 9

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Artistic: Shadows
The opposite of light is dark, the absence of light is shadow. Interpret this into a masterpiece.


Perhaps missing the masterpiece cue, I love the direction given in this image, I love the urgency of it all, I love how there is just enough form to identify what is going on.

Taken at the world super bike championship, Philip Island.

Wk 8

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Landscape: Wide Angle/Panorama
This is a great opportunity to explore panorama stitching and create a wide sweeping landscape.

Yeah stitching things together is dumb. I mean, just take the correct lens with you? Why go to the trouble of all that manual work when the correct tool will do?


Here is a really long tree.


Using a 55mm I took about 10 shots standing still and swept up my favourite tree just because!

But that felt like cheating so I went into the city with a 35mm (I could have taken a 15mm and been done with it) and took 8 shots to combine into this image.


With a landscape, with the details at the horizon, or pretty much at infinity, the relationship between near and far surely isn’t that over exaggerated. I.e. the image will still retain that depth relationship if I had shot it with the 15mm. It just would have saved me 30+mins in post.

A proper interesting use though might be to use a longer focal length with a large aperture to have a wide field of view, but with a shallow depth of field, I.e turning my APS-C sensor into a much larger piece of film.

This image is 20 odd shots from a 135mm (@f3.5) focused at 1.5m giving a circle of confusion of about 2cm. I panned across the plant and BAM! a faked larger sensor image.


I don’t get stacking. Stacking images is dumb. I mean, BOKEH!

*rolls eyes*

Wk 7

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Portrait: Faceless
Tell someone’s story without showing their face.


Difficult. I chose to take the Brett Whiteley approach here and show even less of an individual.

My hope is to allow you to project upon this individual, perhaps it is vanilla enough for it to become your own? There are a few clues towards the type of character whom resides here, Let that guide the character you wish to image. And in doing as such, lets normalise the wide and varied human experience and celebrate.

Wk 6

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Artistic: Candy
our artistic interpretation this week should be inspired by something sweet. A great chance to play with macro photography.







What’s sweeter then Sugar right? I confess I had another scene in mind. A close up of a sweets bowl with some kind of religious icon juuuust falling out of focus in the back. Some kind of human interacting with the sweets and there is maybe enough to suggest one thing of the over. But this did hint towards something with a macro lens, So I focused my attention there.

I tried to show some kind of tundra, of ice wilderness perhaps.. out of these sugar cubes.

This is a mixture of raw and white sugar to give some incredible colours tones once the histogram is pushed. The difference in individual shape is startling as we often assume Sugar to be of a fairly fine grain. Not as jagged crystals with sharpened ends, but I suppose it’s not that surprising.

Still, fun to explore the other dimensions true.