Wk 25

July 12th, 2016 § 0 comments § permalink

Portrait: Silhouette
Expose for the background and let your subject fall into shadow. Shape is important this week.

I can’t help but start to feel a teen styled angst toward he whom is giving me direction. I do note I’m probably behind schedule and that never helps.

Taking inspiration from that silhouette of Don King (which I confess I can’t find, nor remember the name of the photographer) It was a shot from behind the media circus. The photographer was short, and couldn’t muscle in the front, so she walked around the back and captured this wonderful image of the other flashes lighting up the wispy strays of his hair.

So anyway I had some kind of lighting in mind when I went about and did this. And because I’m an angsty teenager complaining about my course work..


Wk 24

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Artistic: Sparkle!
Shoot what inspires you this week, just make sure it sparkles.

Errr. sparkles? Hmmmm, Nothing says shiny like a nicely hung fork.

This next image was an experiment in shooting a spray mist against a flash to see if I could get some rain / snow / abstract wind styled artefacts appearing.

Water droplets might be more convincing if they were larger. Should have tried with a longer focal length. #fail.

Wk 23

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Landscape: Weather
This week should be as unpredictable as the weather! Feature the weather in this week’s landscape.


Generic Landscape, shame on me. 🙁

Wk 22

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Portrait: Hands

Usually the face is the strongest element in the frame; with the hands being second. Make the hands the most important element in your image this week.




Wk 21

June 7th, 2016 § 0 comments § permalink

Artistic: Fantasy
Is this real life, or is this just fantasy… Your artistic inspiration this week is fantasy.


Are you asleep? I can’t tell.

The challenge I had for myself was to use a longer shutter then usual, and to capture the eyes in two positions. Using a 24mm lens to further enlarge the shape of the head / eyes in relation to the shoulders, I set an exposure at 1s with a small softbox firing at 1/4 power twice. Once with eyes closed, once again with eyes opened.

Wk 20

June 7th, 2016 § 0 comments § permalink

Landscape: Nightowl
A tripod is going to be handy this week… time to shoot a night landscape. Look for some light for the scene! Car lights, city lights, or maybe just moonlight.


Moonlight, Check
City lights, Check
Car lights, yeah 1/2 credit but geees Renault 12’s are pretty.

Wk 19

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Portrait: Messy
Take an amazing portrait of someone, make a mess while you are doing it.



And no.


Wk 18

May 8th, 2016 § 0 comments § permalink

Artistic: Texture
The artistic inspiration this week is texture. You should almost be able to feel the image.


Wasted a lot of time with this. I had grander ideas of exploring an image where texture had been. I.e showing texture without it present.

I suppose a scene where there was an obvious input of something causing texture, but that had since long fled. The deadline loomed and this is all I had conjured with that in mind.

Not nearly as strong as Id thought it would be.

Wk 17

May 2nd, 2016 § 0 comments § permalink

Landscape: Urbanscape
Most Landscapes are wide open spaces of natural beauty…this week find the beauty of the urbanscape/cityscape.




So what defines Urban. For me? Clearly a fence. The walls we put around ourselves and around our shared spaces give clue to who we are, what we value and who we wish to be.

I think it’s fitting if my thinking is to be removed from nature, that a fence details what it is to be urban.

Wk 16

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Portrait: Movement
Most portraits are stationary, so this week explore adding some movement. Dancing, twirling, or even hair flips.

Yeah no flips. What about TIME TRAVEL!


No wonder the year went so quickly, a couple of flashes and it was all over 😛

4sec exposure with a remote flash fired once I was in position on each side. Neat! But a little rushed. To revisit.