December 30th, 2018 § 0 comments

Experimenting with gear had me chasing grown up skateboarders. You remember those kids that used to hang at the mall making old couples feel uncomfortable? Well they grew up, they have families and they have found a unique from of expression.

So with this content in mind I wanted to capture the excitement and movement with practising some pans along with adjusting the focal range (zoom)

Shutter was hovering around 20-45th a second mark naturally the slower the shutter the more pronounced the effect.

The last image of the grey 180 starts to show the effect working. a little bit of a diagonal is hinted at in the corners as the effect of pulling the zoom out when shooting is shown.

I must come back with a monopod or something to assist in stabilizing at least of the dimensions, It might assist in the effect.

More practice for me.

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