Wk 45

June 20th, 2017 § 0 comments

Artistic: Nostalgic
Use nostalgic (ED: err, nostalgia) as your inspiration this week. Long for the moments we want recapture. The good times.

…WTF the Dan? Yeah ok stay with me here,

Nostalgia for me, (currently) is the wanting for that crazy sense of adventure and experimentation one had the capacity for, before life got in the road. Where one wasn’t sure about self, future, today, and every moment was forged in the instant just gone. As if you were trudging through a dungeon without a save point. And that was exciting! Nothing mattered, all problems were solved by waking up the following morning. That is the careless sense of wonder I tried to touch on here.

How? By standing boldly, dressing inappropriately, with companion drinking towards the horizon of possibilities. The presence of the Wine glass either hints towards the freedom one had with a smidge of social courage. The bed on the floor replicate the university experience as does the branded jumper tethering me to the imagined place in time.

To light I tried to providing a strong outline of the subject, yet not to have it looked staged or unnatural.

Should have had the camera operator turn it 90 degrees to exaggerate the space.

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