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Landscape: Get Low
Time to look at the world from a different angle. Shoot a landscape from a low point of view.

I wanted to do this indoors, as weird as that sounds for a landscape. Anyway doing some research gave me a host of tropical green environments, usually malls and other spaces that interior decorators and real estate salespersons would drool over. Exhibit A through to B, Click

So naturally in rebuttal..


Wk 37

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Portrait: Fashion
Avant-garde to commercial to traditional, and everything in between. The focus is the clothes this week.

Lets go with everything in between.

Tree wears human draped with techplad leggings, Summer collection 2016

Wk 36

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Artistic: Food
Take your food photography to the next level. Its not lunch, its art.

Errrr. no it’s probably lunch / was lunch

Wk 35

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Landscape: Nature up Close
Get up close and personal with nature in this natural beauty shot. Flowers, bees, bugs and spiders might all make great shots

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Portrait: Child
Candid or posed, capture an image of a child. Try getting down on their level for a unique perspective.








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I’m gonna call a pass on the post from last week and come back to this. Skipping ahead, moving on to next week.

In the Interim, this place really needs a picture of a Renault I painted. Click Ah what a lovely piece of nonsense. Coming soon more rego.

Is this thing

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In what feels like an eternity for me, I’m only just sitting down now.

What happened to my photo a week! I was making roughly good process. Of course I got to a difficult week (collaborate with an artist) and left it be.. This hobby of mine is rather mine alone (ED: despite a public blog, yeah right..) and I felt uncomfortable approaching my mates in my time off and be like “Hey! lets work on this thing for this thing I’m playing with Wooo!”

That is the point of this exercise after all. To push me out there!

So with this posts date stamp as proof, I’m giving myself a week now to complete the overdue work and get back on track.


P.s I haven’t not been taking photos, but nothing I really wish to add and I already feel like this is going to quickly get into a P.s about gear. Mmm ok just quickly. Having replaced a bunch of primes with a few zooms, I can’t help but feel I’ve become lazier with my composition. I’m not restricted to a focal length now, so I’m not really thinking about composition. It’s a Flick of the wrist to get things in and out of the frame without concern of the image I’m trying to shoot!

At least I’m aware of this now. I have to think much more carefully before lifting the lens to eye.

See you in a week.

Absolutely nothing to complain about

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Yet still.



As if we in developed economies should be miserable.


Wk 32

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Landscape: Colorful
Shoot a landscape that packs as much color as you can find into the scene.


Street racing as it’s best.

This I love for the tincy amount of form left in the subject on the bottom right. The motion they are in, is perfect.

I was practicing to pan the camera with the subject to isolate it around it’s neighbours. I thought I’d wanted the entire subject to be frozen outside of the rest, but I’m enjoying this so so much more with just enough form and context for the subject to be known. I think it’s the roof wracks that made it 😛

Off to see a Wizard

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Because it is still fun to imagine fantastical events at the end of every path.



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