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November 16th, 2015 § 0 comments

My blog for blogs sake.

It’s been difficult to get out and run around with the camera with any real purpose of late. I haven’t been valuing the escape as much recently. I can’t help but think part of this all happened when I sold my old K10 for the New K5.

Not that there is anything wrong with this camera, not at all. But I feel I enjoyed the struggle and the extra work you needed when shooting with the K10. There aren’t any excuses now. I have as much ISO as I’ll ever need, it is as fast as one could ask for.

So the handicap is gone and it’s not fun any more? What a sadist I must be.

Semi recently I managed a weekend away with some mates to capture them rolling down hills on fancy mountain bikes. This is something I’ve wanted to do for a while and look forward to doing again.


I’m still trying to nail my shots of my favourite birds around the place;


Still in love with all things green and cliché forms of composition after recently forcing myself to shoot at 24mm’s



And yes, still enjoying abstract forms and subject of barely any interest 😀



Much more exploration to do. And! I’m still yet to purposefully launch into pursuit of those self portraits I started. They are an excuse to learn technique and I got bored of looking at myself and it kind of, well I left it be for the moment. Must get back into it! It is fun after all 🙂

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