More Texture

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And direction for good measure.

Ballet Dreaming

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Well kinda. The lines in this remind me of the ballet, the tone though should look of winter. I still find natures solutions to problems amazing.


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Because sometimes your camera is not used in effort of a high brow wankfest. You just want to photograph pretty looking monkeys 🙂




This hill we stood on had bit of snow and a rainforest all within walking distance of each other.



Pretty gorgeous place this Tasmania.

EXIF for my reference would explain it’s the 35mm Super Tak that I don’t really like…

Still playing with flashes

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And so should you!

Really this was an excuse to play with a new second hand camera, Welcome a K5 everyone. Over the K10 I’m already seeing more detail and a wider histogram? Well there is simply more shadow detail, well it survives longer as detail before it dissolves. Also, my skin is nearly too detailed compared to what I using before. Nothing like a new toy to get you practising again.

I still want to be able a single light source in a room before I introduce the other.

For my reference, 35mm @f3.5, softbox upper diagonal focused down 1m away from subject, 1/4 power, subject 0.6m away from background.

More New Zealand

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I had the good luck of once again heading over there for a few days. It’s still a funny sort of place, mostly beautiful, sadly Christchurch is still frustrating. To observe the inherit beauty one needs only stand on a hill.



If you turned around one would see Christchurch in the valley below, and snow covered mountains peaking above the clouds. It’s a stupidly pretty place. Christchurch is still broken in bits though. 🙁


IMGP7627 The bridge is receiving some serious attention, although it was this time 12m ago too..

IMGP7614 Scaffold has been present long enough for local artists to create works on these usually temporary walls.

IMGP7607Condemned buildings present upon the skyline by marks of graffiti.

A few tall buildings look otherwise uninjured despite the tell tale indicators of broken windows on the ground floors and graffiti on the roof tops. Coupled that with sections that have been leveled it’s a bizarre experience being within it all.

Contrast this with the buildings in Auckland you get an idea of what it previously would have looked like.

IMGP7596 A view from Auckland CBD, looking wast towards the harbour.

I confess it’s bizarre and a little confronting to these first world eyes, where order and structure is by far the norm, that repairs to a city of considerable size takes this much time.

I miss the ocean

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I spent a day around the south coast of Victoria, It was charming just to see the Mother Ocean at work.

Water –> Hills –> Trees, sometimes in that order.

Water Beans

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I was up a hill today looking at where the trees catch the clouds and bring the water down into the rivers. Of course amongst all the splendour that was a rain forest here I was again looking at lines. :S Fail.


These images had me thinking after my time in NZ. The scale of the natural world is just simply awesome at times. Most of these tree’s are over 60m high. How small I am.


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In this last image I was interested in the pattern these folk made, well where they chose to arrange themselves I suppose. There is a nice cluster of people all in individual groups and for that reason I liked it. There is just enough narrative with the different folk interacting in different ways to keep me interested.

The interest in the first image for me was the couple moving out of the dark exiting the frame on the left with the chap fixed on the telly looking out. I just liked the grungy placement of it all. I feel there is enough detail in the rest of the image for a few small interactions. The open car hogs the focus which has my eyes moving from the boring car to the people once more.


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Because curves
Because lines
Because fabulous dancing Tree. 😛


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You know those photos that always seem to end up on your SD card. As if it was the style of line that would rest on the borders of all your text books. Digging deep into my subconscious, I’m always deleting image after image of broken trees and fresh autumn colours. May these two survive the others and remind me that doodles are ok too. Because being selfish isn’t a bad thing.

I do worry we champion a personality trait of selfless, above all ideas of self and often in detriment to ones idea of self! What was the quote, just do what you want to do because no one cares that much about you anyway! Although it hints at ideas of loneliness, I feel that previous sentence is ridiculously empowering! 😛

Snap away everyone. 🙂

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