Not Green

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Forests in the Netherlands are nice.


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Experimenting with gear had me chasing grown up skateboarders. You remember those kids that used to hang at the mall making old couples feel uncomfortable? Well they grew up, they have families and they have found a unique from of expression.

So with this content in mind I wanted to capture the excitement and movement with practising some pans along with adjusting the focal range (zoom)

Shutter was hovering around 20-45th a second mark naturally the slower the shutter the more pronounced the effect.

The last image of the grey 180 starts to show the effect working. a little bit of a diagonal is hinted at in the corners as the effect of pulling the zoom out when shooting is shown.

I must come back with a monopod or something to assist in stabilizing at least of the dimensions, It might assist in the effect.

More practice for me.


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Is a funny thing. After enjoying the structure that was a simple assignment, I feel out of the groove. I decided, actually I just didn’t choose, and because of that images laid dormant. Busy, tired, otherwise focused on catching up with sleep? I suppose it doesn’t matter.

A recent dead camera encouraged me to sell fancy auto-glass and has reminded me of the fun I had, in effort I suppose to explore what got me hooked in the first place. Slow compositions. More walking around then focused on securing images, the journey? Gasp this is sounding like a 90’s teen drama.

Anyway, Happy to be back taking pictures. A change in format may be enough to encourage me to look around the place.


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I’m still a sucker for some 45 degree angles. 🙁

Here I like to think the door is mid sentence with a giant speech bubble (the glass) appearing for it to display it’s wisdom.

Practise Practice

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I would, well no I did and then the universe treated me to it’s own coming in via the window.

New Zealand

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Really is as pretty as they say. Cliché images for my reference, to remind me to spend a significant amount of time there again.

The view from the plains outside of Te Anau

Toward, and on Milford Sound

This little cabin is the entrance to the Homer tunnel that takes you back up and out the mountain range.

You would think one would get over looking at mountains, not so. Small climbs have you looking at peeks as if you where dropped from a helicopter.

One could spend months looking at the changes in shape and texture.

And you don’t need to go far to be blown away (just outside of Queenstown)

Driving on the west coast and your are presented with stream after stream.

The place is just simply enticing.

Can’t wait to go back.

Six twenty six to six twenty eight

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A current social media trend/virus, has a call to action for all to capture seven black and white images in seven days without a description, nor to involve any people or persons.

Social media channels have naturally been well flooded with images, assisting no doubt in the platforms content detection algorithms as artists go on to answer questions from the comments posted, describing the content and meaning of their images.

I’m interested in the idea of machines deciding value and creating art by their process of being a curator.

These images comment on that idea by being void of direct content initially appreciable, for who becomes the audience if we are all creating for a curator whom can not value or directly create?








Grey mess

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Walking around the city of an evening is still the best way to enjoy it. Less people, interesting shapes. Ah perhaps I’m just looking forward to winter.

Green Mid Week

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A mid week break had me away from home and lost in the splendour of a habit natural, yet removed from our every day experience.

Medicinal how refreshing a pallet away from the greys and whites can be.


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I’m gonna call a pass on the post from last week and come back to this. Skipping ahead, moving on to next week.

In the Interim, this place really needs a picture of a Renault I painted. Click Ah what a lovely piece of nonsense. Coming soon more rego.

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