New Zealand

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Really is as pretty as they say. Cliché images for my reference, to remind me to spend a significant amount of time there again.

The view from the plains outside of Te Anau

Toward, and on Milford Sound

This little cabin is the entrance to the Homer tunnel that takes you back up and out the mountain range.

You would think one would get over looking at mountains, not so. Small climbs have you looking at peeks as if you where dropped from a helicopter.

One could spend months looking at the changes in shape and texture.

And you don’t need to go far to be blown away (just outside of Queenstown)

Driving on the west coast and your are presented with stream after stream.

The place is just simply enticing.

Can’t wait to go back.

Six twenty six to six twenty eight

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A current social media trend/virus, has a call to action for all to capture seven black and white images in seven days without a description, nor to involve any people or persons.

Social media channels have naturally been well flooded with images, assisting no doubt in the platforms content detection algorithms as artists go on to answer questions from the comments posted, describing the content and meaning of their images.

I’m interested in the idea of machines deciding value and creating art by their process of being a curator.

These images comment on that idea by being void of direct content initially appreciable, for who becomes the audience if we are all creating for a curator whom can not value or directly create?








Wk 52

November 1st, 2017 § 0 comments § permalink

Portrait: Another Self Portrait
For your final challenge, we end where we started. Take one last self-portrait, and be amazed at how far you have come in a year

With the conclusion of this project and the continual cheating throughout, I couldn’t just settle with one image. Now this process has taught me how to nail a head-shot, (I like ’em dark-ish)

..but I confess I’m bored of that now. The real self portraits I like, still come from the environment. Perhaps I can work now at cutting these back, or better yet increasing the distractions.

The end.

Wk 51

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Artistic: Art
It is time to really challenge yourself. Your artistic interpretation should be art, about art. So meta.

At first I enjoyed this.

Communicative, rouses ideas / feelings about the type of person this sign is directed towards, gives you an emotional response. Pretty much what I feel art should be mandated for.

But then it can still be fun, so Art about Art..

I reckon Whistler would have been a cat person. But since I’m a dog person, “Whistlers Doggo”.

Wk 50

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Landscape: Symmetrical
Often considered one of the hardest compositions to pull off, Symmetry. Challenge yourself this week by shooting a symmetrical landscape/urbanscape.

Civic planners must have a thing for symmetry too.

Wk 49

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Portrait: Dancing
Whether it’s a professional dancer, or just some kids in the street. Try experimenting with slow and fast shutter speed to both blur and freeze the subject.

With life generally getting in the way, this subject tries to make time whenever they can. Kinda a mosh-sweep..

Wk 48

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Artistic: Bokeh
A shallow depth of field is often used to isolate the subject. Create an artistic interpretation using shallow depth of field.

Bokeh presents such an arms race with a lens. It seemed sensible to focus on a pair.

Wk 47

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Landscape: Abandoned
Capture an image of that which others have forgotten. It may be the last image before its gone from us forever.

A defence against the landscape of nature is the subject here, set once and totally forgotten until the landscape once more demands it’s attention.

Wk 46

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Portrait: Backlit
The sun makes a great back light, as well as a flash. Don’t forget the fill light. A flash or reflector can be used to fill in the subject.

How could I resist doing either.

Wk 45

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Artistic: Nostalgic
Use nostalgic (ED: err, nostalgia) as your inspiration this week. Long for the moments we want recapture. The good times.

…WTF the Dan? Yeah ok stay with me here,

Nostalgia for me, (currently) is the wanting for that crazy sense of adventure and experimentation one had the capacity for, before life got in the road. Where one wasn’t sure about self, future, today, and every moment was forged in the instant just gone. As if you were trudging through a dungeon without a save point. And that was exciting! Nothing mattered, all problems were solved by waking up the following morning. That is the careless sense of wonder I tried to touch on here.

How? By standing boldly, dressing inappropriately, with companion drinking towards the horizon of possibilities. The presence of the Wine glass either hints towards the freedom one had with a smidge of social courage. The bed on the floor replicate the university experience as does the branded jumper tethering me to the imagined place in time.

To light I tried to providing a strong outline of the subject, yet not to have it looked staged or unnatural.

Should have had the camera operator turn it 90 degrees to exaggerate the space.

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